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Tooth Extractions in Brea

At SmileSpot, we will do everything we can to save and restore damaged teeth. However, there may be times when it’s simply a better option to extract and replace your tooth. In these cases, Dr. Pham offers gentle extractions with sedation to ensure that you get the care you need without pain or discomfort. Whether you have a severely damaged tooth or a problematic wisdom tooth, we can help!

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Benefits of Tooth Extractions at SmileSpot

Tooth extractions may be the best option for damaged or decayed teeth that cannot be restored
We offer wisdom tooth extraction to keep your mouth healthy
Dr. Pham uses the latest pain-free extraction methods to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire process
Oral sedation options keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed during the procedure

What Is a Basic Tooth Extraction?

This type of extraction is used for teeth that are damaged or weak due to decay, gum disease, or oral injuries. During the procedure, Dr. Pham will use specialized dental tools to loosen your tooth in its socket, then gently pull it out. The process is very fast, and usually takes less than 5 minutes per tooth. Dr. Pham will send you home with detailed instructions for aftercare, and your gums should heal within one week of treatment.

What Is An Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

If your wisdom tooth is unable to erupt fully from your gums, this means that it is “impacted” and will need to be extracted surgically. In this case, our team will refer you to an oral surgeon who will numb your mouth, create an opening in your gums, and remove your tooth. Once an impacted wisdom tooth is extracted, the treatment area will be cleaned and sutured shut.

What Are the Signs That I Need an Extraction?

If your tooth is severely damaged or decayed and you notice things like discoloration, inflammation of the gums, or extreme pain, this may indicate that you need a tooth extraction. You may also notice sensitivity in the affected tooth when you chew or eat hot or cold foods.
The best way to determine if a damaged tooth needs to be extracted is to visit SmileSpot. With an oral exam and x-rays, Dr. Pham can determine if an extraction is the best option for your tooth.

What Can I Expect During the Extraction Process?

The process of a basic extraction at our office typically only takes about 5-10 minutes. First, Dr. Pham will numb your mouth and clean the treatment area. You can also be sedated, if you wish. Then, he will use a tool called a “dental elevator” to loosen your tooth by the root. Once the tooth is sufficiently loose, it will be pulled out. Then, the area will be disinfected and sutured shut, completing the procedure.

What Aftercare Is Required Post-Extraction?

It’s important that you do not dislodge the blood clot that forms in your socket post-extraction, so avoid doing things like drinking from straws, spitting vigorously, or brushing the now-empty socket directly. Dr. Pham will provide you with a comprehensive set of recovery instructions, so make sure you follow them to the letter after your tooth has been extracted.

"I want to empower patients by providing compassionate, quality dental care."

– Dr. David Pham

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