Brea Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implant Restorations in Brea

If you’d like to restore your smile permanently after suffering from tooth loss, Dr. Pham is here to help. At SmileSpot, we offer high-quality, lab-made dental implant restorations. With our single-tooth and full-arch restorations, you can smile, chew, and speak again with confidence! Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Implant Restorations at SmileSpot

We work with experienced oral surgeons to provide you with a long-lasting dental implant restoration
Dental implants last 30+ years with proper care, making them the best long-term solution for missing teeth
Dr. Pham offers honest advice and expert care to help you decide if an implant restoration is right for you
We offer dental implant maintenance services to keep your smile beautiful

What Types of Dental Implants Do You Offer?

At our office, Dr. Pham offers both single-tooth and full-arch implant restorations. We also offer dental implant maintenance services. After your implant procedure is performed by a trusted oral surgeon, Dr. Pham will work closely with a lab to create a restoration that will look and feel natural in your mouth, whether you need just one or a full arch of replacement teeth.

What Are Implant-Supported Restorations?

An implant-supported restoration is the part of your dental implant that restores the aesthetics of your smile and your bite. The implant itself is a small piece of titanium that is surgically implanted by an oral surgeon into your gums and jaw bone.

The implant-supported restoration is the prosthesis that restores the natural shape and appearance of your smile, and attaches to this implant. Common types of implant-supported restorations include dental crowns (for single-tooth implants), implant-supported bridges, and implant-supported dentures.

What Can I Expect from the Implant Restoration Process?

After your dental implant has been placed by your oral surgeon, you’ll come into SmileSpot for a few consultations and oral exams during the 3-6 month healing process. During this time, Dr. Pham will examine your mouth to check on your healing progress. He will also take images and dental impressions of your teeth.

This information will be sent to a trusted dental lab where your dental restoration will be made. Once your mouth has fully healed, you’ll come back in for your last appointment. We’ll check your restoration to make sure it fits perfectly, then attach it to your implant with dental cement. This completes your procedure, and you’ll leave our office with a fully-restored smile!

"I want to empower patients by providing compassionate, quality dental care."

– Dr. David Pham

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